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Interested in the Weather

While growing up I enjoyed sports on radio and television, but unlike most sports enthusiasts of the same age, I was equally interested in the weather.   While I do remember the names of many players from the 1970s Minnesota Vikings and Twins teams, some of the names I best remember are those of the forecasters heard on the radio from our local National Weather Service (NWS) office.

NWS Forecast Offices

Now in the Internet era, a small army of public servants (numbering around 5000) inhabit the various offices of the NWS .  All their information is available in one place from your web browser.  With the NWS striving to allow no significant weather event or change to go unnoticed, (or “un-forecast”), you are covered by an umbrella of information everywhere the internet reaches. This map shows the local NWS forecast offices (WFOs), spread throughout the Nation, as well as their service areas.  So wherever you travel within the borders of the US, you can stay informed of the aspects of weather which concern you.   But do you know where to find all this information – or how to use it to your advantage?   In the coming weeks, this blog will focus on several of the tools which are available to all — and how to use them effectively.

With an amazing amount of weather information freely and easily available from the NWS, I am using this information as the pillar for teaching how to “follow the weather the way that I do.”  If there is one aspect in which you would like weather forecasts to work better or be more useful for you, what would that be?  Please comment here on the blog or reply to

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