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2020 MLB Playoff Weather

October 23rd Update for World Series!

Chilly in Texas for #WorldSeries @RaysBaseball and @Dodgers, except for brief return of seasonable warmth for Sunday’s #Game5. Chances for rain next week do not favor #Baseballunderthestars at #GlobeLifeField if this Series goes beyond Sunday! 

October 19th update – Generally dry #WorldSeries weather for @RaysBaseball and @Dodgers, favorable for #GlobeLifeField roof to be open.   The exception could come on Friday.  A chance of rain should be gone by evening, but small potential for gusty winds behind a cold front similar to what happened during last Thursday’s #NLCS Game 4. 

Warm and humid for #Game1 and #Game2 then fluctuating temperatures for the weekend into next week.  If the Series goes six or seven games, there is potential for chilly outdoor temperatures.  #RaysDodgers

October 12th update — It looks even warmer than previous expectations for #Astros and #Rays #ALCS series.  Starting the week pleasantly warm then turning chilly and briefly windy for the #NLCS between #Braves and #Dodgers which may affect decisions on open vs. closed roof at Globe Life Stadium.

MLB baseball weather forecasts for mid-October.
Delightfully dry baseball weather prevails all week for the League Championship contests. It will feel more like summer than mid-autumn in San Diego, while a fall cold front will stir up winds by Thursday and add a chill to the air in Texas!

Oct. 10 – Nearly perfect weather is in store for the start of American League Championship Series and National League Championship Series with warm temperatures and near zero chance for rain. 

The roof was open last week at Globe Life Field for the Padres and #Dodgers series and several NLCS games may be played under the stars this week.

October 8th update: California heat returns next week for ALCS in San Diego. Astros will be there and Yankees / Rays still battling for the chance to join them!

MLB playoff baseball weather forecast
Near normal temperatures for Friday’s deciding game in San Diego, then heating up next week. Continued dry weather for ALCS starting Sunday!

Outdoor baseball continues with two American League Division Series in California. The unusually warm weather pattern finally loses its grip on the West Coast by mid-week. It does look like another dry week in southern CA as temperatures return to more normal October levels by Thursday.

As the charts below are showing, we’ll have a tale of two weather patterns for the seven first-round MLB playoff series being contested outdoors. The three California sites will experience unseasonable heat and smoky skies as September turns to October. Three Midwestern playoff sites will turn unseasonably chilly by mid-week while Atlanta enjoys pleasantly cool weather. Rain showers may pester Chicago and especially Cleveland Wednesday and Thursday, and gusty winds will exert an influence on fly balls, especially during the daytime.

Look for hot, dry and potentially smoky weather in Oakland this week while Minneapolis and Cleveland will turn unseasonably chilly. Occasional rain is likely to be a concern for the #Yankees at #Indians series.
NL Postseason Weather Outlook
Look for hot, dry and potentially smoky weather in Los Angeles and San Diego this week while Chicago and Atlanta will turn unseasonably chilly. Gusty winds and rain showers are likely to be a nuisance for the #Marlins at #Cubs series.

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